54 17'S 036 30'W. South Georgia, Southern Ocean.

Follow Matt Kenney during his deployment in South Georgia, working as a Boating Officer and Coxswain for the British Antarctic Survey.

Read Matt's posts with news, reviews and extracts from his Journals, and see photo and video posts to show you some of the work the Antarctic Survey are doing in the Southern Ocean, and also provide an insight into life on a British Antarctic research station.

Matt will also provide accounts of his work at sea and ashore on Humber Destroyer RHIBs and 11m twin jet drive Pilot vessels along side the team at the King Edward Point research facility.

Matt arrived in South Georgia on the 28th October 2010.


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Matt Kenney
King Edward Point Research Station
South Georgia
South Atlantic (Via Falkland Islands)

Personal Email: mailmemek@googlemail.com

Skype: matt.kenney5

URL: http://southgeorgiajournal.blogspot.com

Matt Kenney 2010.